My name is Adrian & I architect simple solutions to complex problems.

My name is Adrian & I ❤️

I architect simple solutions to complex problems. 🚀

With a background ranging from sales to tech, I have experience quickly understanding business problems and technical concepts and easily translating them into solutions for key stakeholders.


Roan Chamberlain

DevOps Engineer at Tecsys

Working for Adrian was always great. from technical issues to collaboration issues between teams, Adrian is always willing to step in and take the time to help.

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Daniel Novak

CEO at Landish

Adrian was hired at Landish as Director of Operations to identify and solve critical operational process and software issues. He was very effective at pinpointing complex problems and communicating with the team to arrive at the optimal solution in each case. Adrian is an incredibly quick learner and he translates technical jargon into layman's terms with ease. He's also a fun/pleasant co-worker to have on any day. Ultimately (and I say this without exaggerating), Adrian was so good at implementing software solutions on the job that just under two years after joining us, we mutually agreed that there was almost nothing left to do, and that it made sense for him to take on new challenges elsewhere. It was the most seamless parting of ways I've ever experienced as a company founder/manager. I recommend Adrian with zero reservations.

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Gabrielle Faraggi

Enterprise Account Executive

Adrian, is one of the brightest individuals I know. He brings curiosity to every discussion and is an incredible problem solver. He loves to learn and hold healthy debates. He is a natural leader and is equally amazing when it comes to working with internal teams or client-facing. I would love the opportunity to work with Adrian again and if you have the opportunity to get to know and work by Adrian's side you are guaranteed 2 things, learning something new and a good laugh!

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Neuber Fabro

Director, Ops at Tecsys

I had the pleasure of working with Adrian while he was at Tecsys managing one of my Teams. Adrian is a very talented, passionate and dedicated individual with business acumen and was able to successfully manage his Team towards meeting and exceeding clients expectations and commitments. He managed stressful situations and critical tasks in a logical and methodical fashion towards success.

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Tony De Luca

Strategic Technical Architect

I had the pleasure to work with Adrian. He is a smart, educated and driven individual. He always strives to learn and works to improve himself and others. He has very good people skills and even though he was younger and less experienced than the people he managed, he managed to impress and garner their respect. He is very good technically and has a good business acumen. I miss working with him.

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Adrian Loffredo